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The American University of Science and International University of Applied Sciences Launch Pioneering Dual Degree Executive MBA Program

The American University of Science (AUS) and the International University of Applied Sciences (IU) in Germany proudly announce a groundbreaking partnership, launching an innovative dual degree pathway for Executive MBA students. This strategic alliance, finalized on April 24, 2023, marks a significant milestone in international education, offering extensive cross-continental learning opportunities and setting new standards for academic collaboration across the globe.

(AUS) — The American University of Science (AUS), a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in higher education, together with the International University of Applied Sciences (IU), Germany's forefront institution for career-focused education, are delighted to announce a landmark academic partnership. This collaboration, set to reshape the landscape of international education, offers expansive cross-continental learning opportunities and a variety of degree programs, highlighting an exclusive dual degree pathway for Executive MBA students.

Introducing a New Era in Executive Education

At the core of this partnership is the innovative dual degree program designed for Executive MBA candidates. This unique initiative allows students from AUS to enrich their education with specialized courses at IU, leading to the completion of a comprehensive research thesis and defense. Successful participants will be awarded an MBA degree from IU, with the opportunity to specialize in one of IU’s renowned areas of expertise, significantly enhancing their professional profile.

Fostering Global Leadership

This collaboration is borne of a shared commitment by AUS and IU to nurture global leaders ready to navigate the complexities of the modern economy. By integrating AUS's comprehensive business education with IU's globally recognized specializations, the dual degree program offers an educational experience unmatched in its academic and practical depth. Graduates of this program will possess a diverse set of skills and knowledge, positioning them as highly sought-after professionals in the international job market.

Bridging Continents Through Education

The AUS and IU partnership represents more than a mere academic collaboration; it is a testament to the unifying power of education. This alliance serves as a conduit between continents, fostering a community of learners dedicated to achieving excellence. It underscores the transformative impact of education on individuals and societies, setting a precedent for a globally inclusive and innovative educational approach.

A Synergy of Excellence

This partnership marries the holistic educational philosophy of AUS with the applied scientific and management prowess of IU, offering students a curriculum that is both intellectually challenging and culturally enriching. This international synergy promises to deliver a dynamic learning environment that showcases the strengths of both American and German educational excellence.

Paving the Way for Future Educational Models

The collaboration between AUS and IU is emblematic of the future direction of higher education, characterized by more integrated and globally oriented educational frameworks. This model highlights the critical role of international perspectives and competencies in equipping today’s professionals for the challenges of a globalized world.

For additional information about the Executive MBA dual degree program and other cooperative initiatives, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the admissions offices of both AUS and IU.

The American University of Science

200 N Vineyard Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaii HI 96817


Phone: +1 808-646-7416

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Campus Bad Honnef: Mülheimer Str. 38, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany


Phone: +49 30 311 987 20

by Leo Hawthorne

April 25, 2023 at 5:00:00 AM


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