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AUS Student Council Embarks on Mission to Bring Love and Aid to Orphans in South Vietnam

The Student Council of the St. Thomas Aquinas Campus, which is a part of the American University of Science (AUS), has taken upon themselves the noble task of making a positive difference in the lives of orphans in South Vietnam. They are providing essential aid in the form of basic necessities, such as food and shelter, while also ensuring that the meals provided are highly nutritious. Moreover, they engage the orphans in uplifting activities to boost their morale and provide them with a sense of belonging. This is a commendable effort by the student council, and it is sure to have a profound impact on the orphans' lives.

The American University of Science (AUS) - St. Thomas Aquinas Campus has a student council dedicated to positively impacting the lives of orphans in South Vietnam. This ambitious project will span over a year, and the council's primary objective is to provide essential aid, cook nutritious meals, and shower the orphans with love and affection.


The student council has meticulously planned each of their visits to the orphanages, ensuring that they engage in various activities that uplift the spirits of the children. They understand that the orphans require fundamental aid such as clothing and medical supplies and thus, plan to provide them with these necessities. In addition, the council will prepare wholesome meals for the orphans and tend to them with utmost kindness and empathy.


Moreover, the council has planned to organize enjoyable and educational activities such as games, sports, and workshops to help the orphans acquire new skills and foster meaningful friendships. They believe that by providing such activities, they can infuse hope and joy into the children's lives and create a lasting positive impact.


The student council's philanthropic trips will occur every three months, spanning eight hours. This is a remarkable feat, and to make these visits successful, each trip must have a minimum of two dedicated staff members and five students. This is a testament to the council's dedication to making a positive difference in the orphans' lives and bringing hope to their hearts.


The AUS community is immensely proud to extend their unwavering support to such a worthy endeavor. The student council's mission to provide aid, cook nutritious meals, and shower the orphans with love and affection is truly commendable. Their commitment to organizing enjoyable and educational activities that foster meaningful friendships is a testament to their dedication to positively impacting the orphans' lives.

by Department of External Affairs

September 5, 2022 at 5:15:00 AM


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