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Dr. Ali Kamali to Deliver Keynote Speech on Social and Governmental Sustainability at QS Higher Ed Summit: APAC 2023

Dr. Ali Kamali, a management instructor at AUS, will deliver a keynote speech at the QS Higher Ed Summit: APAC 2023 on the role of universities in promoting social responsibility and sustainability. The event brings together experts to discuss the future of higher education.

Dr. Ali Kamali is a distinguished instructor of management at the American University of Science (AUS), whose exceptional expertise in the fields of sustainability and responsibility has earned him a sterling reputation within the academic community.


Dr. Kamali has been selected to deliver a keynote speech at the QS Higher Ed Summit: APAC 2023, an esteemed academic conference renowned for its focus on advancing higher education in the Asia-Pacific region. The title of his speech is "Social and Governmental Sustainability and Responsibility Within University Curriculum and Operations," a topic that aligns closely with Dr. Kamali's research interests and academic pursuits.


In his speech, Dr. Kamali will delve into the pivotal role that universities can play in spearheading social and governmental responsibility. He will expound on how universities can incorporate sustainability and responsibility into their academic programs and operations, and how this can contribute to the broader well-being of society. Dr. Kamali is of the firm view that universities have a crucial part to play in shaping the future of sustainability and responsibility, and that it is imperative for academic institutions to adopt a leadership role in this sphere.


Dr. Kamali's unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsibility is widely recognized and respected, both within and beyond the academic realm. He has authored numerous research papers and articles on the subject and has been invited to speak at an array of conferences and events worldwide. Dr. Kamali has been actively involved in promoting sustainability and responsibility within the AUS community, collaborating closely with students, faculty, and staff to generate innovative ideas and initiatives.


The QS Higher Ed Summit: APAC 2023 is a marquee event that offers a platform for academics, researchers, and experts to exchange views on pivotal topics concerning the future of higher education. Dr. Kamali's speech is poised to be a highlight of the conference, and attendees can anticipate a thought-provoking and inspiring presentation from one of the foremost experts in the field of sustainability and responsibility.

by Department of Strategic Advancement

November 3, 2023 at 2:30:00 AM


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