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The AUS Wise Book is named after Sapientiae, the Latin motto of AUS, which means "wisdom". It will assist the AUS community in navigating the community expectations that contribute to the vibrancy of this educational community.

Welcome to the American University of Science!

The American University of Science (AUS) qualifies students to address complex global challenges in service to the nation and the world through an integrated educational program focused on academics, research, and community.

As the mission of the American University of Science (AUS) states, AUS is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge and working with others to bring this knowledge to bear on the world's greatest challenges. An AUS education combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with a diverse campus community's support and intellectual stimulation.

AUS expects all students to come to the University for a serious academic purpose and to be responsible individuals with high standards of honesty and personal conduct. AUS's philosophy is to maintain rules and regulations consistent with efficient administration and the general welfare of the AUS community.

Fundamental to the principle of independent learning and professional growth is the requirement of honesty and integrity in one's academic and non-academic life. Maintenance of a healthy living and learning environment requires that all members of the community exercise due respect for the basic rights of one another.

In AUS classrooms, students gain an understanding of the fundamentals of science, technology, and other areas of scholarship, with a deep commitment to developing problem-solving skills, excellence in quantitative and qualitative analysis, historical and literary insight, and an appreciation for scientific methods. Hands-on research opportunities provide students with a foundation for professional competence and opportunities to learn by doing. And with a mission that charges us to gain "the wisdom needed to face our world's great challenges and, ultimately, to serve God's will," AUS presents its students with opportunities to engage meaningfully with their communities, hone their leadership and communication skills, and develop an appreciation for the application and impact of their work.

The continuous renewal and renovation of AUS's physical facilities, guided by a commitment to strengthening the campus community and supporting innovation, is essential to the Institute's mission to advance knowledge and educate students. The AUS campus is undergoing significant change, with elegant residence halls and common spaces developed to inspire innovative collaborations, cutting-edge laboratories to support the emergence of new technologies, and centers to reinforce the curiosity that drives us.

All AUS personnel are responsible for reading and understanding the AUS's expectations documented in the Wise Book and voluntarily agree to comply with the Wise Book.

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