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The AUS's M.S.Ed. T.E.S.O.L. & Applied Linguistics embraces both the art and science of teaching English as a second language. The program is unique in that it focuses in detail on the fascinating and highly relevant areas of cultural and linguistic diversity in language teaching as well as sociopolitical aspects of the profession. 

The M.S.Ed. T.E.S.O.L. & Applied Linguistics program offers an international student body a well-balanced curriculum of theoretical and practical coursework. Not only does the program enhance the employment prospects of graduates who hope to become English Language Teaching (E.L.T.) practitioners, but who have yet to gain professional experience in teaching English to speakers of other languages, it also opens doors for experienced E.L.T. practitioners as it is also developed for individuals who want to work or conduct research in teacher training, educational management, course design, materials development, language analysis, and assessment. Because the student-to-instructor ratio is small, students who study on this program enjoy a very personalized learning experience.

A career in English language teaching confers great professional and personal opportunities on  practitioners. It allows one to live and work in a number of different countries or different areas of one's own country and because English is such a widely spoken language throughout the world , English language teachers are in very high demand. Highly-qualified English language teachers are in particularly high demand and can work in a number of contexts, including universities, schools, and companies.




1. All applicants must demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency by:

  • Being a citizen of a country where English is an official/major language; or

  • Demonstrating an ability to communicate in English that is at least at English level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference.

2. All applicants must demonstrate sufficient academic and professional capacities by:

  • Having completed at least an undergraduate degree of a minimum of 120.0-semester credits with a cumulative grade point average of a minimum of 2.3 in a 4.3 system used by AUS or equivalent, in any subject area; and

  • Having post first degree language teaching or tutoring experience.

Points (1) and (2) must be satisfied before an unconditional offer can be made.